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Scituate Historical Society On Line Quiz 01

1.  What holidays served as bookends to the grounding of Etrusco at Cedar Point?

                a. Valentines Day and New Years

                b.  St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving

                c.  April Fool's Day and Halloween

                d.  New Year's Day and Labor Day

2.  What is the storm that created a new mouth for the North River in 1898 commonly called?

                a.  The Breaching Blizzard

                b.  Hurricane Bob            

                c.  The Portland Gale

                d.  The Fourth Cliff Disaster

3.  What Scituate Selectman played a huge role in buying the Lighthouse from the Federal Government and later lived there as a Light Keeper.

                a.  Simeon Bates

                b.  Bob Tilden

                c.   John Cushman           

                d.  Jamie Turner

4.  What business once sat across the street from what is now Widow's Walk?

                a.  Goulston Enterprises

                b.  Boston Sand and Gravel         

                c.  Maxwell's Marina

                d.  Paul Young Motors

5.  Which Scituate resident was once offered a position on the United States Supreme Court by George Washington?

                a.  Lester Gates

                b.  Teak Sherman

                c.  William Cushing

                d.  Timothy Hatherly

6.  Match the proper Bates Sister with the proper instrument played during the War of 1812.

                a. Rebecca - Fife, Abigail - Drum

                b. Rebecca - Drum, Abigail - Fife

7.  In what neighborhood would you find a telephone pole named for Israel Cohen?

                a. Greenbush

                b.  The West End

                c.   Egypt

                d.  Sand Hills

8.  What renown Scituate Resident once wrote a book called, Frenzied Finance?

                a.  Kathleen Laidlaw

                b.  George Welch

                c.  Lucien Rousseau

                d.  Thomas Lawson

9.  Name the Scituate built ship that was the first American vessel to circumnavigate the globe?

                a.  The Essex

                b.  The Shannon

                c.  The Columbia

                d.  The Pinthis

10.   Scituate derives its name from the Wampanoag word "Satuit".  What does "Satuit" mean?

                a.  Beautiful Harbor

                b.  Rocky Fields

                c.  Cold Brook

                d.  High Tides