1. Contact us to let us know what you want to donate:
    • Fill out the online form, or
    • Write us at Scituate Historical Society, PO Box 276, Scituate Massachusetts, 02066, or
    • Email us at scituatehist@aol.com  , or
    • Call us at 781-545-1083
  2. We will arrange with you a suitable time for someone to look at the object(s) you wish to donate at the Scituate Historical Society (SHS) headquarters. We will gather as much information as we can about you and the object at this time and record it on the Temporary Custody Form.
  3. If a visit is not convenient, we will send you a Temporary Custody Form in the mail to complete and return. The form is necessary so that we can gather as much information as possible about you and the object(s) you want to donate. If possible, please providephotographs of the object(s) to help us in our determination.
  4. The Collection Committee will make a decision on your donation as quickly as possible. We cannot accept all donations -- sometimes an object would have a better home in a different organization, or perhaps the SHS already has one or more of the objects and cannot use another.
  5. If your donation is one that the Society can use, arrangements will be made to obtain it and you will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift that conveys full ownership of the object(s) to the Scituate Historical Society.
  6. Within a few days, you will receive a big, heartfelt thank you from the Historical Society, as well as a copy of the Deed of Gift.
  7. Your donation will be promptly cataloged and assigned a unique number that it will keep as long as it resides at the SHS. The donor name and address, a description of the object, condition of the object, and the current location of the object will be recorded on the Accession Log.
  8. All of the information on the object(s) will be kept permanently in SHS files. 
  9. All donations to the SHS become the exclusive property of the SHS and will be preserved to the best of the SHS's ability.  
  10. The SHS will determine the best method of displaying the object.
  11. The SHS will not make appraisals of prospective donations for tax purposes. If you want a tax write-off for the object, you must contact an appraiser yourself.

Note: there is the possibility that under certain circumstances a donated object may be removed from the SHS collection; as the Donor you will be notified of such an occurrence and have the opportunity to reclaim your object.  For details please review the Scituate Historical Society Collection Policy.