Join & Give.


Why us?

With all the terrific museums and associations out there, why support us? Well… let’s give it a shot.

For a group of volunteers (and a couple of part-timers) in a small town, this organization is quite unique in its aspirations. True to our New England roots, we are pretty unafraid to take on projects. Sometimes this is not easy. We oversee a lot of historic properties. Some of the sites are difficult to maintain, highly specialized properties – like a lighthouse or a colonial gristmill or a bell carillon. But we do it.

Several years back, the Society undertook the development of a Maritime & Irish Mossing Museum. This small, quirky museum has since been featured on Chronicle, Discovery, Smithsonian Magazine, and the History Channel. Again, all volunteers.

Two years ago, the Trustees voted to stretch again. With help from Scituate’s Community Preservation Act funds, the Society invested in a new Archives facility to safely store our growing collections. The establishment of this facility has set a new standard for the Society and created a synergy with other museums and academic institutions.

We think the spirit of this Society is quite unique. But we still have so much we want to do and could do better.

Thank you for your wonderful gifts and for being part of this community.