Image Reproduction Policy & Request

The Scituate Historical Society (SHS) maintains substantial collections of books, manuscripts, genealogical records, photographic images, art and artifacts principally related to the history of Scituate at its Schoolhouse Headquarters. As part of the Society’s mission, it welcomes the public to use its resources and will provide reproductions of items from its collection for personal or research use.

Image Reproduction Policy

  1. An Archivist is on duty 4 hours per week. Appointments are required. Inquiries by mail and email are also welcomed. Research assistance will be given by staff members as promptly as possible, and within 20 business days. Materials in the Headquarters are the property of the Scituate Historical Society and may not be removed from the building. Manuscripts that are reproduced, quoted or cited, must be credited as stated below in paragraph 9.
  2. The Scituate Historical Society reserves the right to refuse to scan, photograph or photocopy fragile or rare materials.
  3. Researchers visiting the Scituate Historical Society may create, free-of-charge, non-flash photographs and scans of materials in our reading rooms. Reproductions of items from the Archives must be done by SHS staff.
  4. All scans, photographs and photocopied material are supplied for study purposes only.
  5. Obtaining copies of Scituate Historical Society material in no way grants the right to publish them or to permit them to be copied or sold.
  6. Requests for permission to publish, distribute, or display any materials in the collections of Scituate Historical Society – in any format – must be made to the Scituate Historical Society Archivist (see Request Form below). Permission to publish, distribute, or display any materials will be granted at the discretion of the Scituate Historical Society Board of Trustees.
  7. All reproduction fees cover a one-time use.
  8. Compliance with copyright laws is the responsibility of the purchaser. U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyright material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish photocopies or reproductions of copyrighted work. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research” (known as “fair use”). Consult your own attorney to determine whether your planned use would fall under the fair use exception. The granting of permission to publish by SHS is not the same as permission from the copyright holder. Users of material images must secure permission from copyright owners, if SHS does not own the copyright or the original material is not in the public domain.
  9. Any reproduction that is used as an illustration in any manner must bear the credit line: Courtesy of Scituate Historical Society.
  10. Two “best version” hardcopies of any hardcopy publication, or a hi-resolution digital copy of any digital publication, and two “best version” copies of any related promotional material in which the SHS images appear shall be sent to the Archivist without charge, immediately upon publication.
  11. Publication of any image from the Scituate Historical Society collections is subject to use fees. The SHS reserves the right to change or modify its prices and other terms and conditions applicable to image reproduction and use.

Image Reproduction Fees

All reproduction work is done by Scituate Historical Society staff. The staff will not reproduce materials in violation of copyright or donor restrictions. The Archivist also reserves the right to refuse requests for copies of items too fragile to be safely reproduced.


Members Non-Members
$0.25 per page $0.40 per page

Digital Image Reproduction

Members Non-Members
$8.00 per image $10.00 per image

For Published Media (Complete Request Form below)

Books Fee Per Image
Non-Profit $10
Commercial: Press run 5000 or less $25
Commercial: Press > 5000 $50
Cover Art $100
Magazines and Newsletters
Non-Profit $10
Distribution of 5000 or less $25
Distribution of >5000 $50
E-Books/E-Journals/Web Publication (no print)
Non-Profit $10
Commercial $25
Non-Profit $10
Commercial $50
Ephemera (calendars, brochures, posters, etc)
Non-Profit $10
Commercial: Print run 5000 or less $100
Commercial: Print >5000 $150
Non-Profit $50
Commercial $100

Request Permission for Non-Personal Image Use

Rights: One-time, English use.

Credit line must read: Courtesy of Scituate Historical Society

Image Use Request Form