The USS Salem – with Don DeCristofaro and the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates

Using evidential clips and personal accounts the GBPA will take us through the ship’s history and use that as a segue into the paranormal aspects of what the group does aboard Salem, including the individuals they speak to and the method used to verify their identities.

A Q&A will follow the presentation.

Tickets available online (see below) OR at the Schoolhouse on Cudworth Road AND at the door.

Tickets for this event are:

  • $10.00 per person for Society members
  • $15.00 per person for non-members

Email GAR Hall Events for more information.

The Greater Boston Paranormal Associates are a group of individuals who share an interest in the paranormal who have all had the opportunity to be involved with numerous paranormal investigation organizations. As a result we decided to form our own team with the goal of bringing the same professional approach to this endeavor as we bring to our careers.

We are comprised of both believers and skeptics and our methods are both technical and spiritual. It’s our belief that only by approaching this field with hearts and minds that are open to all possibilities is there any hope of answering questions that have been asked for centuries.

Our office is aboard USS Salem, centerpiece of the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum. Salem is currently considered one of the most actively haunted locations in the Northeast, and the work we do there has brought life to the stories of many of the men who served aboard her.

This program sponsored in part by a grant from the Mass Cultural Council, supporting cultural opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.